Sunday, June 18, 2017

Modules 3 Swim Meet

The school year is ending next week and that means Module 3 is also ending.  It's swim team meet time to celebrate all of their hard work.

I was extremely glad that it has a later start time of 8:00 am.

His races, lanes, and heats.
The kids are ready to go.....

Racers getting ready
Take the starting blocks...


What is my time?

Hanging out with his coach & class.
They are all a lot older but very supportive of him.

3 First Place Ribbons
He worked so hard on each race.
1st race 25 Meter Freestyle21.28
2nd race 100 IM  Meter 2.16.55
3rd race 100 Meter Freestyle 2.10.00

He was all smiles with his ribbons.  They are his first 1st Place Ribbons!!!!  He has worked so hard these past 8 weeks learning how to flip, jump, and to swim further than he ever has before.  He was also the only one in his group to try the 100 IM which is all the strokes together.  He raced against the 11 and older group.

He now has a week off before the summer session starts.  We will see everyone pool side again in a couple of weeks at the first summer meet.

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