Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Annual Kite Festival

This year I didn't have to keep track of Ryder's reading sheet for the Kite Festival.  Instead his teacher kept them until the very last day in hopes that they wouldn't get lost but make it to be turned in for prizes.  We filled it in, signed it, and almost forgot to take it with us.  It was a perfect afternoon to fly kites, eat treats, and play games.

He picked books again this year.

I can do that!!!
It's easy!!! Watch!! 
Maybe not so easy.
He had fun anyway playing the games and earning treats.  He even had a few from swim team come and congratulate him on his award from the night before.  He was surprised that people were stopping him.  We had our bag of treats, flyers, and even a few prizes it was time to head home.  

It was also time to relax at the movie theater for some family time.  This week's movie was I Can Only Imagine with Dennis Quaid.  It was a good movie and one that I would definitely recommend seeing  If not in the theater then renting it.  Why does popcorn smell & taste so good in the theater but not so much on the ride home?

Ryder's class only turned in 4 sheets at the Kite Festival.  So much for Mrs Young's theory.

Sunday, May 20, 2018

The Golden Goggles Banquet

We are still learning a lot about this crazy sport called swimming.  First off their are two season short & long course.  When the short course ends its now the end of the swim year.  Golden Goggles Banquet is were awards are handed out for the last year.  It was also a potluck dinner for all the families.  It was packed with swimmers, coaches, parents, and siblings.  The room was packed.

I received an email asking us to be there.  Ryder was getting an award of some kind.  I had completed a survey so I knew he should be getting a scholar pin for good grades.  Dave took the night off so he could be there and enjoy the fun night.  The food was yummy and such a variety.

We are full!!!
Let's get the show on the road.
They had a fun presentation full of pictures of the kids during the various meets, fun practices, and other activities through out the year.   It was now time for awards.  They read the list of state competition team which included Ryder for Junior Olympics.  Next came the list of swimmers who completed their IMX.  Then came the Scholar Pin Award with kids having a 4.0 or equivalent in elementary school.  Last awards were the Team MVPs.  Each coach picked the person on their team who they felt had worked hard over the year.

Ryder was tired and ready to head home.  I reminded him that we needed to stay to congratulate whomever the winner was on his team.  You know Mom it's not me so we can head home.  I asked him to have patience and wait.  It was his teams turn with Coach Becca.  

We were all in shock as she called out Ryder's name as the MVP for the WCCC Royals I Team.  He was shocked and a little dazed.  He made it up to get his trophy with a large smile on his face.

Royals I MVP

IMX Certificate

Scholar Pin

MVP Award
It was a fun night and most of all a surprising night.  We are so proud of him and all his hard work.  Coach Becca praised him for continuing to work hard at each practice.  His willingness to help others on the team and overall friendliness to everyone.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Webelos Day Camp

Dave & Ryder headed off bright and early to Quail Creek and the new scout camp.  The boys made their own lunches and packed their gear for the day along with their new leaders.  Dave was going along to  help.

Rock Climbing

Sling Shots..

Under the watchful eye from Dad.

The kids had a blast with the activities and even enjoyed the hike.  I am not sure if any of the other boys were exhausted but Ryder sure was.  He did tell me that it was a lot of fun.

Another Saturday is almost finished but not without a Family Movie Night "The Miracle Season"  sad but good.  Helen Hunt sure hasn't changed much over the years.  I would recommend this as a good feel good movie.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Brio Car Show

Its another crazy busy weekend full of new adventures.  Reganne's soccer team has a game in Cedar City, Ryder has Webelos Day Camp, and Rylee is hanging out with friends.  

Rylee is fascinated with all things car related.  Car shows is just a cool way to see other's toys.

Here are a few of her favorities.... 

 The girls were having fun and then I noticed something funny.

Everyone had
matching shoes. 
New idea for a pet?
An iguana?
How does this girl come up with this ideas?  She loves to touch & hold anything that makes me squirm. 

 It was a really nice afternoon and great to be outside without a jacket on.  Spring in St George can be very fickle.  The best advice is to always be prepared for whatever the comes along.

Sunday, May 13, 2018

LFC Soccer Camp

Reganne was getting excited to get back into her favorite game.  The club was offering a soccer camp to work on their skills and build club unity.  Luckily I found her a ride with another team member with the trade off of bringing the girls home.  

The park was packed with kids ranging in ages 12 to 17.  They were all running, screaming, and dribbling.  I found our group and there was Reganne in the middle working just as hard.

Lookin good

This is the first time since her injury.

Hanging in there

Club picture
Four days of camp available to everyone.  She made it to 2  and worked really hard to get back into the groove.  Bring on the spring season and more fun. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Preferance Dance

Rylee and friends were excited to make plans for the next school dance.  Preferance Dance the last girls choice of the school year.  Rylee was ready for some fun in planning, finding the perfect dress, and working on the asking process.  

Dress shopping became top priority as they all set off after school to check out what is available.  

Borrowed may work??

Selfie one

Selfie two

Selfie three
They are all really cute but not really in the price range that we had set.  I convinced her to check out some other stores.  I had some inside information to check out TJ Maxx for everything dress related.  The first pass didn't really show anything promising. The second pass through the racks she found 2-3 that showed promise.  As I browsed the clearance rack I found one that had some promise.  That is if she would take my suggestion or not.  She took it with her to the dressing room and began the job of finding the perfect one.

Each one found it to the discard pile until there was only one left.  My suggestion was up next.  She opened the door at the same time another lady came out of her room.  WOW!!! You look amazing in that dress.  You should buy it.  She did look great!!!! That is the one she decided on but no pictures please.

The day arrives.  Dad & Ryder were headed off to Las Vegas.  Mom & Reganne were headed off for a girls day with Julie & Jacy.  The group was heading off to Sand Hollow to play in the water and hang out at the beach.

Once again I don't have any pictures of the actual dance.  Rylee claims she had a blast and they danced a lot.  

Waiting for picture of the group???

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Boys at Play...

The Wheeler, Rawlins, and Waters boys headed off to Las Vegas Speedway to enjoy a day in the sun to watch the drag races.  Ryder was so excited to be included that he was up and ready to go before Dave could change his mind.

A couple hours later the following pictures popped up on my phone.

Earplugs, sunscreen, and plenty of water were a must as the afternoon wore on.  New hats were also a requirement not only as protection but as a souvenir.

They all made it home before dark.  They were exhausted, sweaty, and very smelly.  It wasn't long before Ryder was sound asleep on the couch.  Dave soon followed.

These fun activities are great for making memories and what memories they will be as he grows older.