Thursday, August 17, 2017

Summer Vacation....New Adventure

We left Lagoon, stopped for dinner, and hit the highway once again.  This time headed East towards a brand new adventure.  The kids were fascinated that we were leaving Utah and going to Wyoming. The usual questions came how long is the drive, when will we there, and does the hotel have a swimming pool.  One last major one will we be able to find food.   

We reached our destination 3 hours later.  The first thing Reganne noticed was Starbuck's.  This must be an ok place if they are here.  I remember when McDonald's was the place to look for and know we could survive.  Thanks to Google Maps we found our hotel without a problem and soon were checked in.

One more ride???
Who will carry the luggage?

Rock Springs Holiday Inn
***Stars in my book.
The room was clean, the staff were nice, and they have
a nice swimming pool (Ryder)

He found his trunks
time for laps and practice.

Reganne found the pool as well
Many laps later, a few handstands, and a quick dip in the hot tub time for bed.  Oh, wait maybe some ice, snacks, and a couple of old sitcoms on TV everyone was ready for bed. 

NOT!!!  We all lasted a little longer but we needed to be up and ready to go by 9:00.  Could we do it?  Would we make it? Will they like us?  All questions for tomorrow.......Good Night!!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Scary 1/2 Hour!!!

Waiting in line
Unaware of being lost.

One major problem with so much family having fun at Lagoon is..... Everyone going different directions.  The older kids don't want to wait for the adults and the little kids don't want to wait for the adults either.  We found a shady spot and let everyone cover that part of the part at their own pace.
One minor problem we all assume that one of the littles was with one of the groups.  Everyone was accounted for it was time to relocate and ride the Tidalwave.  The kids were having a great time and soon wanted to try Rattlesnake Rapids.  This group set off looking for their next adventure.  The older kids wanted the Sky Ride and they ran off in the other direction.  Three groups going three different directions.  Time to eat for a few littles with dad & mom counting heads.  Uh Oh one is missing.

Thank goodness for cell phones & text messages.  Uh Oh no one has seen the missing little!!!  It was panic time!!!!  We left Emily at the table with the kids.  Janelle headed off to the security station.  Randy went back to the area we just left.  I headed towards the kiddie rides.

One ride, nope, second ride, nope, third ride, nope....... Then out of the corner of my eye I catch sight of a blonde haired boy wearing a bright blue shirt waiting in line to get on the ride.  I called out Owen is that you?  I was greeted with a big smile and HI!!!  I asked him what he was doing?  Riding rides with my new friend.  Deep Breathes and maybe a few more to stop my knees from shaking to much.

I sent out the word that all was right with the world again.  He wasn't lost but hanging out with a new friend and having fun on all the rides.  

The innocence of a child is so amazing and comforting.  We as adults need to have a little more innocence to enjoy what is going on in the minute.  Letting go of the busy world and all the craziness that goes along with it.  We might be surprised at what we see.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Summer Vacation Day Two....

Day two was going to be a busy one.  It was time to have some fun and enjoy the rides and family.  We were the last family to arrive of course.  Our late night, lack of sleep, and breakfast all worked against me.  We were fed, dressed, and ready to have some fun.  Who could ask for more?

The gates were open and we were ready to play.  Dracula's Castle was the first ride of the day.  Before the ride was finished we were all together and ready to play together.

Cousins & Friends
As soon as everyone gathered together everyone left in different directions.  Each group going towards another ride.  I volunteered to watch the younger ones so the adults to catch the grownup rides.  Emily & I had a great time visiting and keeping the littles under control.

Kasen & Owen
I loved watching Owen protect Kasen from getting
hurt or running away.

Who doesn't love the umbrella ride??
This girl wanted a second on without waiting in line.
A smile in the right place and at the right time
You can get what you want.  

Second time around with Uncle Randy.

Kidnapping the baby for another ride.
Not sure if either one is sure this is a good idea or not. 
He looks very confident.
You can't see his knees shaking.

The adults and a few kids venturing on another
scary ride.  They didn't this so.

More Rides & More Fun
Either alone or together.
I was good for one ride on the Bora Bora.
Not the 10 or more the kids racket up.
The group together once more.
Everyone was tired, hungry, but ready for more.
We how ever needed to hit the road.

One more ride PLEASEEEEEEE!!!
Notice his knees?
It was a little to big for this ride.  He had fun but said goodbye to the kiddie rides.  Kind of sad that the smaller rides are in our past.  The bigger, scarier are now the only way to go.  What will I do with myself next year?  Maybe I will kidnapped Kason again?

Time for dinner, a long drive, and a new adventure.....

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer Family Vacation....Day One

Or maybe day 2 finally making it on the road and arriving at Grandma JeanAnn's house.  Getting on the road was pretty tough we needed to complete the swim meet, take the dogs to the kennel.  Wait, we assumed everything was setup for them and it would be a quick drop off and then hit the road.  Not so...No immunizations on file and it is now a must.  After digging they were found only to discover that Ginger's were all out of date.  Thank goodness the Vet was available for quick exams and shots.  4 hours later we were almost on the road.  Rylee & Dave weren't feeling very good but with the promise of lunch in Cedar we were on the road.

Sunday morning arrived a bit early but church with Grandma & Grandpa was must.  We followed it up with a quick breakfast at Denny's.  Quick wasn't in their vocabulary and we were served in shifts.  Ryder first, wait, the girls second, and wait again.  Finally Dave & I were served, Ryder was still hungry and tried half of mine.

We were headed North with adventures to follow....

Cabella's shooting range.
How to get it work without eating your money.

Rylee is pretty amazing with the gun.
Ryder & Reganne gave it a try with a little more
practice they all could with the prize.

Feeding the fish
and striking a pose
They loved watching the fish grab up any food thrown in their direction.  However, it wasn't to cool to watch feeding time at the aquarium.  What is up with the smaller fish quickly swimming around.  Ooops!!!! They were the food for the larger uglier fish in the tank.  One was gulped down right in front of us.  We quickly moved on.

We were onto our next stop visiting Uncle Mike.  We are really excited to come back for his wedding at the end of August. Uncle Brandon & Aunt Kim weren't home so onto our next stop.

Let's check Uncle Randy & Aunt Janelle's new house across the valley.  Dinner and games for the evening everyone was pretty pooped.  Time for bed with a big day planned at Lagoon.

Too bad everyone was still full of energy to sleep.  It was going to be another late night.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Summer Final Swim Meet

Where did the last 2 weeks go?  Summer swim team is coming to an end with the final swim meet at the WCCC.  Rise and shine for the early check in time of 7:00 am. 

Checked in and list of events

In the zone!!!

First event was the 9-20 Boys Relay 3rd Place with the time of 1.43.73 they all pushed really hard but fell a little short in the final leg.  All that separated each team was a 10th of a second.  Not bad for these really boys.

14th Event, 25 Back Stroke, 22.97, for a 6th place overall.
20th Event, 50 Freestyle, 46.58, for a 6th place overall.
39th Event, 100 IM, 2.04.52, final place unannounced, possibly 3rd place.

He improved all of him times over the summer.  His hard work and dedication has really paid off.  2 weeks off before Select Camp. He was  invited by his coach to attend to learn about the next level in the swim program.

Now if only the rest of us survive no swimming for the next week.

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Another Free Concert...

Lonestar was coming through Southern Utah on Monday heading north for a concert.  Their tour sponsor Tractor Supply has a store in Hurricane so how about a quick concert in the parking lot.
I love concerts of all types and "free" makes it a must.  However, I couldn't convince anyone to go with me.  

Dave was hot and tired from work.  Reganne refused no more country music.  Ryder would go but we had to stop at Yogurtland on the way home.  Rylee decided she would go if we would feed her.  We were finally on the road and arrived only 15 minutes late.

It was all acoustical so you had to listen really carefully to find them on the side of the building.

Really dark picture but they are
there in the background.

=dump them over Mom's feet.
They sang all my favorites & hits
Ryder was a good sport hanging out with his
crazy mom.  Listening to "old" music.

We finally made it back to the van and trying to get out into traffic on the busy highway.  I was also starving but wanted food before froyo.  McDonald's here we come.  Dave & Reganne had already ate by this time so we were on our own.

Smiles all around
It was the icing on the cake or on the froyo.  Ryder treated us both to the yummy goodness.  I believe we had a great time together even if I had to bribe them to come with me.  It's pretty amazing to be able to see three groups for free and have them so close to home.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


It has been a busy week full of activity.  We had a full morning of swimming it was now time to play.  Ryder has been begging to do the few we bought all week.  Dave finally gave the ok and there was no stopping him.  


Shooting Tanks

Don't get burned
Rylee's friend Maklaine joined in the fun.  Poppers, sparklers, and shooting tanks were a lot of fun.  The neighborhood is still rocking with late night shows.  Ginger doesn't care for fireworks, thunder, and lightening so keeping her calm becomes a task.  Ryder is always there to comfort her and of course snuggle.  

Hopefully, there will be a break in action until the 24th of July.