Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Sunday Night Fun Time...

Sunday nights are strictly for relaxing and napping.  You must rejuvenate before Monday arrives.  This is also the time I go through all the pictures I have taken during the week and also update the blog.  I was finished for the night when the crazies broke out.

Rylee, Ryder, Ginger, and Dexter were running around.  The room was full of giggles and barking.
They were playing tug of war with Ryder as the rope.  Rylee was holding his feet and the dogs had the rope he was holding. 

You are too noisy
Around and around the room they went.

No one was letting go...
A few more trips around the room before everyone was tired.  Ryder let go of the rope and the dogs both went stumbling back.  They were all tired and no more playing tonight.

I love these quick moments when they are playing, laughing, giggling, and having fun with each other.

Good night.....

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Kickoff Swim Meet

Swim team started practices on Tuesday morning.  All the kids were ready to jump in and have fun.  This is the first time since last summer where he will be working with kids is age.  This was a little hard for him to get used to.  By Friday it was all good and he was pooped when I picked him up.

First meet arrived really early only 4 days into swimming.  There also wasn't as many kids so it would move a whole lot faster.  I was drafted to the timing section to help out.  32 races we could do this without melting.


The pool is warm.
Let's get the show on the road.
He volunteered for the opening relay with his group taking first.  Thanks mostly to Ryder's 25 meter Freestyle.

Event 14 ....25 Meter Back Stroke
Taking First in his heat, Second over all.
Time of 26.86

Event 30...25 Meter Freestyle
Taking first in his heat, unknown over all.
The last events were jumbled together without a final result for 30, 31, and 32.  We were so lucky to finish by 10 and avoid the heat.  

The next meet is two weeks away so back to the pool for more practices and hard work.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Week of Summer Fun

The first week of summer vacation is supposed to be relaxing.  However, that is not how our summer started off.  5 people going in at least 4 different directions notice only 4 not 5.  I am the designated driver for all things summer related.

It's Summit Rock time again in St George.  This is the one time of year that everyone listens to the radio for riddles or clues to find the rock and win 5,000 or 10,000 if you buy their shirt.  Its a treasure hunt around town to find one special rock.  Ryder has begged the last two years to give it a shot.  We had a little time before swim team starts we were off too look.  

Checking all the rocks on by one.

Searching by the river.
Time for swim team and nothing yet.  I promised we would go again tonight when it is cooler.

Searching again down river.
We left hot and sweaty (Good bonding time) let's come back tomorrow.  However, someone found the rock a couple of hours later.  Ryder was disappointed that he didn't find it, but quickly reminded me there is 2 more to be found.  Bonding time is in order this next week.

Yummy hot dogs
Reganne has been hanging with friends having late nights and having fun.  I received this picture showing yummy food and fire safety.  She now wants to try doing this at home.

Rylee is spending all her free time with friends and they won't share any pictures.  She is having a great time until she goes to girls camp.  She believes will be pure torture.

Spencer & Jacy
St George Temple
We were really blessed to go to the temple with Jacy for her first time.  They are so excited to be getting married in a couple of weeks.  We are really  proud of the decisions she has made in her life so far and what a good example she is to the other kids.

Bunch of Balloons
The weather spiked with 100 degrees pushing full steam ahead.  This is what you expect in July & August but not the end of May.  Costco had these on sale and we just had to give them a try.  It worked just like the directions showed.  Tons of fun in minutes.  Ryder, Reganne, Ginger, and Dexter had a great time until they ran out.

Soaking wet
Reganne begged to try another bunch with her friends.  Everyone was soon soaked but laughing all the time.  Dave found of use for the plastic holder it was a great sprinkler for watering the plants.

I was planning for a quiet summer but that doesn't seem to be the reality.  Here's to week 2 being a little slower with the girls headed to girls camp for 3 days.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Another Year Down

We have survived this last month of school.  There have been a lot of sports, activitiesa, homework, and very few pictures.  I am beginning to get a complex with the kids that I take way too many.  

Rylee was invited to Honors Night at the middle school.  She declined to go since it required dressing up and spending the night at school instead of her friends.  It took her a couple of days to track down what award she received that night.  Goal accomplished she passed all the Microsoft Certification T Tests with one of the highest scores in the Ninth Grade.  She didn't seem too impressed until I needed her help when my computer at work was upgraded to Office 2013.  I also don't think she realized that this knowledge is something she can and will use daily when she is an adult.

Reganne received an award at the SRIS for Perfect Attendance.  I let her know before school started and asked if I could come.  She declined saying it was no big deal and maybe she could skip out.  Af

Certificate, chocolate, and gift card.
It was very important as only one of 5 students in the 6th Grade to achieve it this year.  The rewards were much bigger than the ones other kids were getting.  She also informed me that next year I must be there.

Ryder also received perfect attendance for the Third Trimester and for the whole year.  He earned the Lion Pride Award, along with completing all his Math Facts.  He received 2 ice cream parties which suited him fine.

Last Day Arrives....


Celebrating with friends!!!
School is out for the summer..... Next year will bring changes for almost everyone.  Ryder will attend a new elementary school due to boundary changes in our growing area of town.  Rylee will start high school.  To celebrate the ending and beginnings is what we due best.  Lunch was on me at Culver's and included frozen custard.

The kids were eager to get the summer started.  However, Ryder isn't sure there will be enough to keep him busy.  12 weeks may turn into 12 years with this boy.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Modules 3 Swim Meet

The school year is ending next week and that means Module 3 is also ending.  It's swim team meet time to celebrate all of their hard work.

I was extremely glad that it has a later start time of 8:00 am.

His races, lanes, and heats.
The kids are ready to go.....

Racers getting ready
Take the starting blocks...


What is my time?

Hanging out with his coach & class.
They are all a lot older but very supportive of him.

3 First Place Ribbons
He worked so hard on each race.
1st race 25 Meter Freestyle21.28
2nd race 100 IM  Meter 2.16.55
3rd race 100 Meter Freestyle 2.10.00

He was all smiles with his ribbons.  They are his first 1st Place Ribbons!!!!  He has worked so hard these past 8 weeks learning how to flip, jump, and to swim further than he ever has before.  He was also the only one in his group to try the 100 IM which is all the strokes together.  He raced against the 11 and older group.

He now has a week off before the summer session starts.  We will see everyone pool side again in a couple of weeks at the first summer meet.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Week of Tryouts

I did say soccer was over for the season.  They scheduled tryouts for next season while the weather is not scorching and everyone leaves town for the summer.  Reganne was going to three tryouts and see what is the best fit.  She wants a committed team who also has fun together.

Day 1... No pictures since I completely forgot trying to keep track of her and also Ryder.  It was really windy and a little warm.  Half of the team was there for Liverpool a new organization in town.

Day 2...Rage across town with black clouds on the horizon.  The other half of the team was here getting ready. 

Taking a water break.
Dang!!! what is that more wind, rain, and even hail.  The kids ran for cover for a few minutes and then went back to playing.

She fills confident
and a little wet.
Day 3...Cima, this group was smaller and maybe the hardest team to get on.  There maybe only a couple of spots available for the 2004 team.  She was excited to give it her all.  I gave it my all by sitting in the cold with a jacket, blanket, and I could have used another blanket.  Day 4... was full of sunshine and even more fun.  

I am tired after 4 days of hanging out at the fields.  Reganne however is still having fun and wants to try another team in a couple of weeks.

Until then I am taking a break from outside.  We are out of clean clothes and food to eat.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

May Pack Meeting

We have great cub scout leaders who have wonderful ideas to get the boys involved.  This month after awards and flag ceremony it was time to play games.  Who knew these crazy, loud, and wild boys would enjoy playing chess & checkers?  Not me.

New game to him.
How do you play again?

Even the sisters got involved
playing checkers.
I am not sure if they even stopped long enough to eat treats.  The boys had so much fun that the adults took down the tables around them and nobody budged.

Thank you to all the leaders for their hard work and dedication to all these wild boys.  It's nice to see someone else care about your children.

Next month is the rain gutter regatta.  This should be fun for everyone.