Sunday, January 21, 2018

CVE Christmas Choir Concert

Time for the final choir concert of the year.  Ryder was really excited to perform and show off all the actions they had learned.  He was a little nervous since a couple of the songs they only had worked on them a couple of times.  

Love the glasses & shakers.

More actions

Good looking group.
They sounded amazing and loved the Little Drummer Boy with a little help from the school custodian playing the drums.  As they sang their last song and wished everyone a Merry Christmas it was announced no more practices until January.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Dickens Festival

It was a busy weekend full of soccer that we almost forgot about the Dicken's Festival.  Trying to find time was going to be difficult but when I suggested not going I was met with 3 hostile looks.  My mission became to make time.  Surprise this meant getting up early and being there right at 10.  The second surprise of the morning a long line at the entrance.  I paid admission and sent the kids on a mad dash to get a number for Father Christmas.  I ran to catch up and found them patiently waiting for me at the entrance to Father Christmas.  Rylee handed me the ticket for out spot we were number 8.  How??  There was a lady getting ready to toss her number she didn't want to wait in that line and asked Rylee if she would like it.  Yes, gladly and we waited.  The real Father Christmas was back this year and looking great and full of conversation.  He talked to each one and remembered them.  Or at least he acted like he did.

Official Christmas Picture
It was time to run to the soccer fields for Reganne's 2 games.  We will have time afterwards to shop, get  our pictures, and enjoy the start of the Christmas season.

My shopping partner
The games are over and Ryder was the only one willing to go back with me.  We found the pictures and a few yummy samples to try.  Ryder also was able to sneak some Christmas shopping in as well.  
I love the smells and sounds at this festival.  If you can brave the crowds without going crazy this is the place to be to start Christmas off right.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Friendlies Soccer Tournament Day 2

Saturday morning at the fields it's warmer than last night but I still needed a jacket.  We were playing another local team the CIMA 05 Girls.  Wait a minute!!! The girls on the other team looked familiar former teammates from Rage.  This was going to be a fun morning.

Role reversal
Cheyanna playing defense & Reganne
playing offense.
Playing full throttle
We had a minor problem with the refs.  He decided to let them keep playing instead of calling the game.  We won the game without much problem.  We have on 40 minutes before the next game starts.  Reganne is starving!!!!  Time to lunch at Jimmy Johns on the run.  We made it back with a few minutes to spare.

Game 2 against Copper Mountain (Salt Lake) this game was going to be a little rough for us.  We haven't had much rest time and these girls were ready to play.

Right wing again.

Running  all over the field

More Running
We played hard and came out on top once again.  This was a fun set of games to play.  We went through most of the seasons in 3 games.  Game one winter, Game 2 fall, and Game 3 summer.  Who would believe that it was December and we are running around in shirt sleeves and a touch of sunburn.  Time to have some fun this afternoon.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Friendlies Soccer Tournament

Reganne's team was ready for another fun filled weekend of soccer.  They were participating in the Friendlies Tournament @ Little Valley.  This could be a fun one to play on our home turf and only minutes from home.  However, the we are hoping for nice weather.  Our first game was at 7:30 which means playing under the bright lights against the 05 Liverpool Team.   

Friendlies Greeting
Our coaches splitting up
due to they coach both teams.

Reganne playing Right Wing again

Game Face
and full game mode
We won the first game with 3 to 2.  The girls played hard and had fun playing against these girls.  It was also really cold.  I was given the suggestion of bringing a sleeping bag for warmth.  Ryder laughed at me and told me that I looked real funny.  He refused to use the one I brought for him.  One hour later I was still toasty warm and glad for the helpful hint.  Ryder however was pretty frozen and ready to go home.

Time to head home and get rested up for tomorrow's 2 games.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Wrapping Up November

As we get ready to step into December I found these quick snap shots of quick moments that deserve to be seen.
Perfect place to read.
On the heat vent and the Christmas Tree Lights.
Makes everyone smile.

Shivering Reganne
and the Cedar City Temple

Finally larger tomatoes
So sad they didn't ripen.  Better luck next year.

The Beehives @ Cedar City Temple
These girls are amazing.  They all get along
and are truly friends.

Ryder writing this special message
to Rylee who is going through a
rough patch.
It has been a busy month and another one is getting ready to start.  It's time to pause and give thanks for all blessings we have been given.  I hope that the next month will be filled with new memories, service, kindness, and of course fun.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Dixie Power Tree Lighting

One more night and one more tree lighting ceremony.  Two years ago was the last one due to construction last year.  Little Valley Choir including Reganne sang at that one  This year it's Crimson Views turn to enjoy.  It sure is getting dark earlier each day.  Tonight it seems really dark with the street lights turned down low to set the mood.  Dixie Power was serving doughnuts & hot chocolate which really hit the spot.

Time for the program to start...

Kids singing at the top of their lungs.

Flipping the switch..
Can you see Santa climbing the pole?

A few more songs.
Ending with Santa's Coming to Town

Ryder & Jace
Finding Santa and his treats.
It's not as cold tonight but could enough to want to snuggle up in a blanket and drink more hot chocolate.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

St George City Tree Lighting

The Christmas Season is starting off with a bang.  St George City was the 2nd place to turn on their lights.  The temple always goes first on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  Reganne's choir was scheduled to perform.  Get there by 6:45 and find us by the cement stairs.  We arrived by 6:50 and nobody was by the stairs.  The one and only stage was setup by the river and archway.  The program was running a little behind.   7:15 they were on stage and ready to sing.

Do they look cold?

If they aren't the audience sure was.
All of a sudden a gust of wind came rolling through and the music stopped.  However, the kids didn't stop singing.  They sounded amazing and loud enough to hear.  Their choir director has planned more performances in the next couple of weeks.  The kids are good sports and follow all his instructions.

I think it's time to for some hot chocolate or some hot soup.