Tuesday, October 10, 2017

SRIS Concert Choir....First Performance

A quick change was required before attending the concert.  We made it with minutes to spare maybe even a little sweaty.  The kids weren't to sure if they were ready to perform but were willing to give it a try.  Performing means 10 pages knocked off the trimester report.  

Waiting their turn
There were more performers than we realized.

First song with Sunset Elementary Choir
Close up shot
They sounded pretty good for only 3 weeks of work.  Their new choir teacher  is also a performer and wants to share the experience with the class.  It is a performance choir so they need to perform.  I love his attitude and hopefully the kids enjoy the opportunities they have this year.  

It's now almost 8:30 and we haven't ate dinner or even been home.  Thanks Dave & Ryder for bringing Wendy's home afterwards.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Soccer Night vs Guerrero FC

This soccer season is a lot different for us.  Only 2 games on Saturday which means evening games after work & school.  This is going to be a challenge with Dave working across town and swim team is in the opposite direction.  We have finally hit the divide and conquer stage and I am getting really good at driving in circles.

Game time at  Little Valley Soccer Park it was still really warm.  The girls were ready to play after having a week off.  Reganne was going to play Left Defender as she watches and learns from the other girls. 

Protecting the goal
Getting into the groove.

Send the ball my way!!!

Good throw in

And another one
Half time score was 12 to 0 it was going to be a long 2nd half.   The whistle blew and everyone started counting we only had 8 girls our on the field.  Coach decided not to run the score up and let the girls work on their skills but not shooting was allowed.

The final score was 12 to 1.  Everyone worked so hard and worked together like a team.  To bad we could stay and enjoy the hanging out with the girls.  We needed to head across town for Reganne's choir concert at Centennial Park.  Dave headed off to pick Ryder up and we would meet in the middle.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Breeonah's Wedding

Labor Day weekend passed us by before we knew it.  Dave worked and Ryder had swim team so no time for adventures.  Instead we waiting patiently for this weekend for Bree's Wedding.  Everyone piled into the van and we setup off.  Stopping for dinner in Beaver at the Crazy Cow Cafe (good food) we were back on the road.  OH CRAP!!!! as we are passing Filmore.  Dave had left his temple recommend back home in his bag.  To late to turn around we could only hope the temple could help us out.  It would mean getting there extra early and hope that all would work out.  If not he would wait outside.

We got an early start towards Payson Temple.  At the kids request we let them sleep in.  Grandma JeanAnn told us to see the Temple Recorder for assistance.  We found him along with a group of others who needed the same help.  He was very patient and smiled the whole time.  Everyone filled out their paperwork and showed their id.  He was off to his office to get to work.  15 minutes later he came back with a smile on his face.  He successfully resolved all the problems and cleared us to enter.

Bree & Zach

Everyone made it to the sealing.
Then we waited outside for the new couple.

Love the bouquet
and of course these two guys.
Mitchell, Trevor, and Nathan Waters
It was great to get them all together after 2 years.

Brandon & Kim's Family

Time to visit and catch up

Trevor & Sarah
I finally got to meet the girl who
stole his heart.

Waiting for food

Father Daughter Dance

Girl Cousins

Who is going to lead?
The Payson Temple was a beautiful place to get married.  The weather outside was a typical later summer day with wind and a few rain showers.  The kids went shopping and to lunch with Grandma JeanAnn.  She of course spoiled them rotten.  That aside they loved spending the morning with her and are so glad she is feeling better.

Thanksgiving Point was the setting for the wedding dinner and reception.  It was a beautiful place to celebrate with family and friends.  It was also a great place to visit with family.  I love crazy wedding pictures that give a glimpse into personalities.

What to do with the evening??  Everyone was exhausted but should we veg at Grandma's or head home.  Grandma & Grandpa were at the BYU vs Utah Game.  They wouldn't be home til really late.  We were sure the traffic would be horrible but there wasn't a break light in sight.  We headed home to sleep in our own beds.  Then relax tomorrow before starting another busy week.

It was a great day and we are excited to have Zach join our family.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

August Odds & Ends

August was a busy month with going back to school, Select Camp, family visits.  Here are extra pictures that I found while organizing them.

Select Camp
working with the youth coaches 

Ryder's only un-photo bombed picture.
He is still talking about the apes.
He now wants a monkey for Christmas.

Summer rain storm
Nothing compares to a monsoon rain storm
in St George

3 minutes into it
I refused to venture outside
There was even hail the size of a quarter

Nobody at Walmart
was budging

It slowed down enough so as to not drown us.  We were both pretty drenched by the time we made it to the van.  The closer we got to home the drier it became.  The pictures were our proof that it had rained.  Another thing to note in Southern Utah it can storm in select areas and be all sunshine and roses all around.

It was a great month as we sadly say goodbye to August.  September is banging on the door with more adventures, school, sports, and discoveries.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Mitchell's Homecoming

We headed to South Jordan to hear Mitchell's homecoming talk.  He returned earlier in the week from serving a 2 year LDS Mission to the Bakersfield California Mission.  He seems to have grown a little taller but was still one of the fun boy cousins that love to hang out with his younger cousins.

His talk was amazing to listen to.  How much he has grown and matured over these past 2 years.  We learned something new about him.  He is allergic to cats just like 1/2 of our family.  We must be related.

Reganne & Mitchell
Don't they both look so happy to have
their picture taken.

Setting a good example!!
In 12 years this could be Ryder getting home/
We could only stay a short while before we had to hit the I-15 Trail towards home.  We look forward to seeing everyone in 2 weeks for Breeonah's wedding.  

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Hogle Zoo Trip

While planning our family event weekend we asked the kids what they wanted to do on Saturday.  They all came up with the same idea going to the zoo.  I reminded them of our last trip and how much they hated it and how boring they found it.  All three were firm in their decision to give it another try. 

It is the year of the bugs.  They were huge, they moved, and even made noise.  This was going to be a fun afternoon with creepy crawly animal life.

Check out the Praying Mantis
Slowly moving and stretching.

Train Ride
My job was to get Reganne happy again.
I wasn't too patient and they were all mad at me.

Check out the new lion exhibit
They are extremely large. 

This one is more my size.
A blast from the past and a must have photo op.

Ryder was fascinated by the Apes.
This is the first time I have seen one stand upright.

What is he doing climbing into the window??
Look really close...taking a bathroom break.
This made Ryder's whole day and made everyone laugh
around us.  Leave it to boys for potty humor.

Reganne's favorite
He was too tired to get up and move or play..
Other cats were playing around him.

Taking a break in the shade with drinks

Waiting for the bird show.
They are all sitting so quietly.

Love those faces!!!
Even though they won't smile for me much.

Making a donation
I couldn't snap it fast enough to catch the bird
taking his money.
The mom's were all in front of me.

All he wants is a picture with the ape.
Reganne get away!!!

One more try
Slightly better, but still a photo bomb.

Everyone was hot, tired, sweaty, and hungry.  Time for an early dinner at McDonald's.  We even sprung for ice cream.  Time to head back to Grandma Jean Ann's House for a visit and an early bedtime.

A quick note that late summer early fall is the best time for a visit to the zoo.  The animals were much more active.  The babies were also all out and adding fun to each exhibit.

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Family Event Weekend....

Trying to get out of town to start are family filled weekend was much harder than any of us expected.  Picking up the kids from school presented a new challenge of wadding through all the high school kids racing across the parking lot.  Then needing to funnel them through the 2 exits from the parking lot.  I was called back into work to get a phone setup that was a must before the weekend.  

After all the delays we finally hit the road at 3:00 and headed North.  No time for food or potty stops.  
We made it and only 5 minutes late to the party for Uncle Mike and his new wife Donelle.  It was time to relax from the long drive and enjoy the party.

Cousin Photo
We haven't seen Jennifer, Christopher, or Mitchell
in a long time.

Boys Table

If only Dave would look up the picture
would have been better.

Great photo op of Rylee
It was great to visit with everyone and they reminisced about good times.  We are always excited to welcome new members to our family.  We also were excited to find out that 2 grand babies are on their way