Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Summer Family Vacation....Day One

Or maybe day 2 finally making it on the road and arriving at Grandma JeanAnn's house.  Getting on the road was pretty tough we needed to complete the swim meet, take the dogs to the kennel.  Wait, we assumed everything was setup for them and it would be a quick drop off and then hit the road.  Not so...No immunizations on file and it is now a must.  After digging they were found only to discover that Ginger's were all out of date.  Thank goodness the Vet was available for quick exams and shots.  4 hours later we were almost on the road.  Rylee & Dave weren't feeling very good but with the promise of lunch in Cedar we were on the road.

Sunday morning arrived a bit early but church with Grandma & Grandpa was must.  We followed it up with a quick breakfast at Denny's.  Quick wasn't in their vocabulary and we were served in shifts.  Ryder first, wait, the girls second, and wait again.  Finally Dave & I were served, Ryder was still hungry and tried half of mine.

We were headed North with adventures to follow....

Cabella's shooting range.
How to get it work without eating your money.

Rylee is pretty amazing with the gun.
Ryder & Reganne gave it a try with a little more
practice they all could with the prize.

Feeding the fish
and striking a pose
They loved watching the fish grab up any food thrown in their direction.  However, it wasn't to cool to watch feeding time at the aquarium.  What is up with the smaller fish quickly swimming around.  Ooops!!!! They were the food for the larger uglier fish in the tank.  One was gulped down right in front of us.  We quickly moved on.

We were onto our next stop visiting Uncle Mike.  We are really excited to come back for his wedding at the end of August. Uncle Brandon & Aunt Kim weren't home so onto our next stop.

Let's check Uncle Randy & Aunt Janelle's new house across the valley.  Dinner and games for the evening everyone was pretty pooped.  Time for bed with a big day planned at Lagoon.

Too bad everyone was still full of energy to sleep.  It was going to be another late night.

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